Cadiz City Mayor's Office

Updated by : Admin / Date updated : Oct. 22, 2019

Trekking across the socio-economic dimensions of Cadiz City.

The vision for socio-economic reform is an improved quality of life. It is a vision that includes the provision of the basic needs of people through several packages of interventions which cut across all sectors and ecosystems.

Such interventions must deal with issues on food, health, income and livelihood, shelter and land use, water and power, human rights, gender equality and equity, literacy and education, security and environmental integrity.

It is also an invitation to the government to embark on that journey that begins opening their eyes to a vision and the road that promises breakthrough and obstacles.

Thus, the incumbent administration, in its desire and efforts to give fulfi lment to the dreams and aspirations of the people of Cadiz City, prays that “CADIZ PADAYONON ANG PAG-ASENSO SA BUGAY SANG GINOO”.