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Calendar of activities!


Dinagsa Festival - (Every last week of January) is the highlight of a weeklong celebration in honor of its Patron Saint, the Señor Sto. Niño de Cadiz. Held every last week of January, this spectacular revelry features “Ati tribes garbed in their colorful costumes dancing to the fast and defining beat of drums while carrying the image of the holy child Jesus.  Among other activities include: Search for Dinagsa Queen, Cadizeños Award, Best of Negros a Festival Presentation, Various Sports Activities, Paralympiada, Fun Bike/Run, Motocross and many more.

The term DINAGSA is a local dialect means “myriad visitation” of giant Humpback Whales which landed ashore off the coast of Cadiz City in May 1967.


Taltal sa Cadiz - (Every Month of April) It has been years hence a cultural guild was created for the City and lately, various sectors in the community had formed a group and design a cultural presentations for the Cadiznon. In time for the Lenten Season, this cultural presentation lift up the perspective in life of each Cadiznon.


Panaad sa Negros - Panaad! a vow and its fulfillment, a time for renewing bonds and initiating friendships,  festival of festivals, a colorful and jubilant presentation of individual festivals of the 13 cities including Cadiz City and 19 municipalities of Negros Occidental. And an array of theme pavilions that showcase their history, arts and culture, tourism, commerce, trade and industry at the Panaad Park & Stadium.



Kabilan bilangan Reef located at the shoreline between Brgy. Daga and Brgy. Sicaba. This small island can be seen when lowtide and vanishes during the high tide.

Busac-Busac Spring in Brgy. Tinampa-an is the main source of potable water in the city. Sprouting out of the toe of a hill and adorned by surrounding boulders that transform it into an epitome of natural beauty and environmental attraction, Busac-Busac spring’s water is as clear as crystal and anybody can feel its freshness that continuously flows out from its sharp, narrow mouth. 
Now a great source of potable water for the Cadiz City Water District, the spring which is 9.5 kilometers away from the city proper, is situated in Hda. Reboton, Barangay Tinampaan. One can get there in about 30 minutes via jeepney or tricycle.


Lakawon Island Resort is a white sand island paradise amid clear blue waters  with a 16 hectare banana shape island off the coast of Cadiz City, Barangay Cadiz Viejo, Northern portion of Negros Occidental. The resort has a magnificent view of the sunset. It is a peaceful haven that offers diving, kite boarding, wind surfing and jet skiing. Home of TawHai, the biggest floating bar in Asia. Lakawon, an air of tranquility is adorned with shady coconut trees, and there is no better spot to watch the gentle waves far from the noise and congestion of the modern world. The distinctive atmosphere is evident throughout the resort, from the warm and welcoming staff to the woven roofs of each cottage.


Pacol waterfalls is a spectacular waterfalls that proturdes alongside the forest. Fresh and cool springs water engulfs hude boulders. Set in the mountain of Alimatoc, that place is a fresh new way of experiencing the remarkable gift of nature.


This seafront beach resort prides itself with its magnificent standard size swimming pool. It’s ideal for night swimming and family outing. Its stylish and neat beach houses and cottages add charm to itsalready-stunning view.


Cornel Swimming Pool in Brgy. Cabahug is 13kms from the city proper, it can be reach within 15 minutes. It offers swimming lessons and venue of swimming competitions. It is open to public on Wednesday through Sunday. it also offers swimming and accepts wedding occasion, seminars and other parties. Travel time runs about 15 minutes from the City. 


Tingson Beach Resort is located along a secluded bay that stretch along the shoreline of Brgy.Banquerohan.Guest maychoose from Videoke at the Pavillion or to take a swim into the sea breeze water.Tingson’s Beach also provides rooms for guest who wish to stay overnight and experienced the cold and quite place.


Little Jungle Resort a combination of theme park, resort. & zoo. Little Jungle Resort Mini Zoo features different wildlife or species such as;monkeys, wild ducks, python or snakes, Philippine Hawk or known as Dapay and several species of exotic birds that gives color and attraction. This forested yet fancy resort that offers breathtaking views of  lushing trees & stunning swimming pool is approximately 17kms away in the City of Cadiz, located at Brgy. Magsaysay. And has cottages for guests and families and one big pavilion to accommodate 30 excursionist and had billiard pool waiting for the guests. 


RC Beach Resort serves as a perfect destination to be away from the busy street of Cadiz City.Also a perfect spot to relax or watch the beautiful sunrise or simply swim with its waves. The resort provides various amenities. One may either swim at the Grand Pavilion Pool or feel the breeze of the sea.