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The Office of the City Administrator and the position of City Administrator were created pursuant to the New Staffing Pattern (Revised in compliance with Resolution No. 93-10, dated February 21, 1993).  The Office of the City Administrator involves a great deal of multitasking. It serves as a link between the government’s various enterprises and/or departments and ensures the efficient performance and smooth flow of information from one part to the other.


The Office of the City Administrator is mandated to administer and enforce duties within the local government unit as ordained by law and as provided in Section 480 Article V of the Local Government Code of 1991.



To be the lead implementer and overseer of all management and administration-related programs through developed and approved plans and strategies for human resource development and management; and effective business permits and licenses system which are aligned with the City’s Vision, Mission and Objectives.



To have an effective administration by delivering support services and providing coordination in the performance of the respective functions of officials and employees in all departments of Cadiz City, to secure the full implementation of the approved programs and strategies by establishing a continuing career and organizational development plan, and to deliver administrative support and services related to permits and licenses that are directed towards the attainment of the consolidated goals for Cadiz City.



Approved management and administration related programs and projects are fully and effectively implemented and all administrative support services are provided.



Ground Floor, City Hall Bldg. 1, Cadiz City Negros Occidental, 6121, Philippines

2nd Floor, City Hall Bldg. 2, Cadiz City Negros Occidental, 6121, Philippines



Telephone: (034) 4930-507 (City Hall Bldg. 1),  (034) 4931-820,  (034) 7207-201 HRM, (034) 4457-722 (City Hall Bldg. 2)

IP Phone Local Number: (034) 720-0026, (034) 720-0027, (034) 720-9745




Develops plans, strategies and upon the approval thereof by the City Mayor, as the case maybe implement the same particularly those which have to do with the management of administration related programs, projects which the City Mayor is empowered to implement and which the Sanggunian is empowered to provide.


Assist in the coordination of the work of all officials of the local government unit under the supervision, direction and control of the Mayor and for this purpose, he may convene the chiefs of offices of the local government services.


Establish and maintain a sound personnel management for the Local Government Unit designed to promote career development and uphold the merit principle in the local government service.


Be in the frontline of the delivery of administrative support services, particularly those related to the situations during and in the aftermath of man-made or natural disasters and calamities.


Recommends to the Sanggunian and advice the City Mayor on all other matters related to the management and administration of the local government unit.


Exercise such other powers such as other duties and functions as maybe prescribed by law or ordinance.




Administrative Services:

1. Approves and signs official documents, program proposals and other administrative papers from different departments/offices, including, but not limited to:

Payrolls/vouchers and attachments, Obligation Requests, Leave applications, Purchase Requests, Various certifications, Memoranda, Checks (for signature), Work and Financial Plan and other documentary documents, Program Designs, Travel Documents, Daily Time Records and Gasoline Allocation Summary and Trip Authority

2. Issues certifications upon request of individuals and/or offices.

3. Assists clients seeking financial, medical and legal assistance.

Permits and Licenses Division Services:

Under our mandate, the BPLO is tasked with the following:


Primarily responsible for the issuance of business/mayor’s permits, permits to operate and special permits, as well as the revocation thereof, and closure of erring business and service establishments;


Takes charge in the issuance of business retirement certificates;


Responsible for the issuance of (1) generated reports and other permit-related information as requested by different entities or individuals, (2) certifications, (3) certified true copy of business registration and (4) other documents on businesses and services.


Supervises the inspection of new business and the retirement of business and service establishments in Cadiz City;


Submits recommendations to the City Mayor on new methods and technologies that would improve the current e-BPLS system;


Responsible for the issuance of special permits for other activities in Cadiz City such as the posting of streamers, holding of motorcades, concerts, promotions, public gatherings, etc.;


Responsible for the verification of existing Mayor’s Permit of offices and establishments in the different barangays of the City.

HRM Division:

Takes charge of the personnel matters of Cadiz City, implements plans, programs and strategies for personnel selection, development, performance rewards and recognition, welfare and benefits.  It also:


Accepts applications for vacant positions and schedule them for selection screening and interview in a specific period of time;


Prepares appointments and other documents of appointees and submit them to the Civil Service Commission for approval;


Keeps all records and documents of all city employees (201 File);


Keeps a record of all employees’ Application for leave;


Updates and safe keeps all employees’ Service Records;


Keeps a record of all Loyalty cash incentives of employees who rendered the required number of years in service;


Prepares the employees’ Notice of Salary Adjustment (NOSA) and Notice of Step Increment (NOSI), whenever there is a salary increase or whenever an employee is qualified for a step increment;


Sends employees to seminar/workshops to enhance their capabilities and make them more effective and efficient in their respective work assignments.

Services Available:

Publication of vacant positions, Job application-acceptance and sorting, Facilitation of selection process and applicant interview, Appointment preparation and processes, Issuance of service record, Issuance of certificate of employment and related documents, Notice of Salary Adjustment and Step Increment-preparation and issuance, Leave application processes, Issuance of Certification of Leave Credits, Employees welfare and personal development, Training programs facilitation, Rewards and recognition facilitation, Personnel performance evaluation record keeping, Individual personnel file keeping and Requests and queries.