VMDT crews to fame

Written by: Erwin R Mabugat / Posted on: Nov. 05, 2018

“Originally Vicentinian, traditionally Maraynon, reaching out through music and dance”.
    This is what the Vicentinian Maraynon Dagyaw Theater (VMDT) in Dr. Vicente F. Gustilo Memorial National High School is all about.
    “Basta Vicentinian, Tanan Masarangan”.
    Revived in 2015, Principal Dindo Ampalla stated that the VMDT’s vision is “empowering students to pursue their talents”.
    Empowering means “to hone students’ talent in music, dance and stage performance, to develop and enhance self-confidence and speaking skills, to deepen knowledge about human nature, and to build up cooperative and teamwork”.
    The benefits of dancing on an individual level can be life altering — if you can get past the fear of putting yourself out there. That very first step of coming into the studio is sometimes a frightening thing.
    “It’s getting out and enjoying dancing and having a good time,” says Leizl Lambayong, who teaches mathematics but manages the group. “That’s so much more important for us.”
    It can change relationships. It can help people overcome shyness and give people a new lease on life. People get healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally. And they have a skill they can go out and have fun with and use for the rest of their lives.
    “All belong, all learn, all lead to succeed” is the group’s mission that in the process, students learn more about themselves, break down inhibitions, stimulate their minds, and find new friends.
    The verve and exhilaration of dance attracts people of all ages, as does the sense of community, the sheer pleasure of moving to music, and the physical closeness.
    The VMDT adages that “Vision without action is merely a dream, action without a vision just passes the time and vision with action will change our school”.
    The group’s scanty studio, sans of ultra-modern facilities and equipment, does not dispirit the promising members. This instead inspires them to create a significant story.   
    Garbed with its core value of “versatility and adaptable to any change, motivation & morally upright, dedication to excellence and teamwork to aim high” coupled with vigorous trainings, the budget-tight VMDT took several remarkable achievements locally and internationally. 
    Cadiz has instantly become famous when the VMDT harvested the second runner-up award during the Asian High Schooler Hip-Hop Competition held in Ateneo de Manila University last November 25.
    Its inevitable reaping of another gold continues as the crew dominated in the STI-West Negros University Senior High Dance Battle last December 2 at the university gym in Bacolod City.
    Back home, the VMDT already embraced numerous championship titles. The dance group was adjudged champions in 2016 Sagay Halloween, 2016 Pamaskwa Sa Cadiznon, 2017 Sagay Taliambong, 2017 Sayaw Dito, Kanta Doon, and 2017 Independence Day (Dep-Ed).
    This crew of both male and female students was also the finalist and second place of “2017 Sayaw Pinoy” and 2017 Negros Island Region (NIR) YES-O Camp, respectively.
    The formidable VMDT Crew is one group that never went home empty-handed. In fact, the crew won trophies ranging from third to second placers of all other competitions that they joined.
    The members-performers include Feryl Joy N Abria, Jeric Merck T Samillano, Angel Rose P Alicante, Vincent Paul Castor, John Amiel M Baay, Shezeil May C Lambayong, Japeth John Q Plana, Paul James Nemenzo, John Alphs Patenio, Iverson Belascuain, Glenn John Paul Gasper, Stephanie Valero, and John Eugene Baricaua, for the Senior Crew.
    And, Vanessa Pauline Castor, Abedhyl Merabe, Iz Intico, Mercedes Pescador, Julliana Villaluna, Charles Arroyo, Jovita Seballos, Angelika Deonila, Khent Balolot, Carl Abuan, Cara Olvido, Richlyn Viel Rotante, Red Bautista, Sean Pillos, Joshua Lim and Jethro Tayo, for the Junior Crew.
    But the topnotch VMDT is not all about dancing where they are popular. It is also about singing, acting and visual arts.
    For Singing, Fortune Rose Yangyang, Jamesse Bayona, Keith Dela Pena and Clemente Broniola. And Acting/ Visual Arts, Jeinz Francine Ong, Angel Java,     Erzyl Dela Paz, Esther Villagomez, Alyana Jagurin, Cyril Casinillo and Hillary C Ughayon.