How to apply?

Updated by : Admin / Date updated : Mar. 01, 2019

STEP 1. 

CLIENT may register and fill up application online and print anywhere. An email verification will be sent to verify the authenticity that the CLIENT is not a "bot". CLIENT may still fill up paper based application form for those who don’t have Internet. BLIS Registration Personnel will be the one to key in the data in the system once the CLIENT applies at the BPLO.

CLIENT will have to submit hard copy of Application Form and other requirements.

Step 2.

BPLO personnel will check the online information filled up by the CLIENT or key in information in the system for those who was not able to register online. This online registration will be done once. No need to create or register again during renewal.

If all information are correct then BPLO personnel will confirm the adding of CLIENT Profile.


When the BPLO Registration Officer confirms APPLICANT'S PROFILE, the CLIENT data can now be accessed by the departments for clearance procedures.

Using the BLIS System, Departments may Approve or Deny application. They will also have the option to give UNDERTAKING to the CLIENT, and departments may record violations that need to be complied. These violations may be used for JIT Inspection.

Departments may also call the presence of the Applicants through Queueing System.

For Example: Every department will give the following status(Approved, Undertaking, Denied), then each department will give the needed clearance to the CLIENT.

BPLO personnel will now verify clearances and other requirements from every department. If verified correct/complete BPLO personnel will ACCEPT APPLICATION. This is when the Licensing Procedure will start.

STEP 4. After accepting the application, ASSESSOR can now prepare for Assessment. CLIENT can get the copy of the assessment from the ASSESSMENT Window and can also view the assessment online.

STEP 5. When the assessment is done, assessment data can now be accessed in the COLLECTION Window where payment will be made by the CLIENT.

STEP 6. BPLO RELEASING personnel can access all CLIENT who already paid and will prepare BUSINESS PERMIT for RELEASING.